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Sheikh Said Rageah

Sheikh Saeed Rageah was born in Somalia, raised in Saudi Arabia and in the late 80s found his way to North America. He is married and has four daughters and two sons. He enjoys spending quality time with his family.

He holds a B.A in Islamic studies as well as a Masters in Shari’ah from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Fairfax, Virginia. Over the years, he has held several posts including founder of Masjid Huda in Montreal, Masjid Aya in Maryland, Muslim Youth magazine and the Aqsa Association.

After serving as an imam in Maryland and Calgary, Saeed moved to Toronto with his family and when he is not discharging his various duties at the Masjid, he travels the globe extensively as a lecturer.

Sheikh Waqas Khawaja

Sheikh Waqas Khawaja is a graduate from the prestigious Islamic Institutes in North America and Europe. He obtained his certification He completed his 6 year degree of Islamic Sciences from the prominent Islamic institute, Darul-Uloom Bury England. In 2005, he received his Alim Certification and returned to Canada to serve the Muslim community of Toronto.

Sheikh Waqas has been serving various Islamic Centers across Canada for 18 years . He has been leading Hajj/ Umrah groups for the Last 13 years.

Sheikh Hosam

Sheikh Hosam is an associate Muslim chaplain at Brock University, Imam and Education Lead at ISNA Canada, a member of the Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology Lab at Stanford University, and PhD Student at the University of Toronto, exploring the intersection between tafsir (Quranic exegesis) and Biological evolution.

Adv. Faiz Syed​

Adv. Faiz Syed, the Founder & President of Islamic Research Centre Education & Welfare Trust – IRC, is an internationally acclaimed Indian Islamic speaker, intellectual and educationalist. With over 1500 Urdu lectures to his credit (which are usually followed by open Q & A sessions), he is an influential figure amongst today’s Muslim youth, spouses, parents and educationalists – who aim to lead this life successfully, simultaneously preparing for their Aakhirah.

IRC TV is a humble effort of Adv. Faiz Syed, through which he aims to propagate the Message of true Islam through practical demonstration of the Islamic values of peace, love, kindness, toleration, education and charity.

Br. Fareed Sheik ​

Br. Fareed Sheik is a Katheeb delivering Friday sermons in different masjids in Greator Toronto Area for the past 10 years and a Da’ee (Caller to Islam) as well. He regularly leads Umrah groups and guides muslim youth and students in matters of deen. A chartered accountant by profession he loves to volunteer with his time, experience and knowledge to serve the deen and help the community. He is part of many Charitable organizations and masjids as advisor and other capacities

Shaykh Tamer Osman

Shaykh Tamer Osman currently serves as the Resident Scholar at Jami Masjid of Buffalo, as well as serving as one of its imams. Born and raised in Buffalo, Shaykh Tamer has a spent more than a decade studying Islamic sciences. He has the opportunity to study Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer, and memorize Quran in Egypt, Jordan, and Canada under many distinguished Ulama, such as Shaykh Ibrahim Madani, Shaykh Nuh Keller, and Shaykh Muhammad Yaqoubi. Shaykh Tamer currently holds ijaza in all 6 major books of Hadith as well as is a Hafidh of Quran. Prior to his Islamic Education he received his BA in Business and Education from Buffalo State College; and has been serving as the Islamic Studies Director at Universal School since 2001, and the Dean of the Khadijah Institute since 2022. Shaykh Tamer has been leading his community in outreach efforts and dawah for the last 10 years and believes in a holistic approach to spirituality and religion. In addition, Shaykh Tamer has had the great privilege of leading more than 30 Umrah and Hajj trips in his life time.